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!earshot charts - Year 2007 - top 20 loud

Asterisk (*) denotes Canadian artists. All !earshot charts in this issue reflect actual airplay on campus/community stations during the year of 2007. Charts are weighted according to broadcast range and market size. To view older charts from as far back as 1999, go to our charts archive.

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Rank Artist Title Label
1 3 Inches Of Blood * Fire Up The Blades Roadrunner
2 The End * Elementary Relapse/Dine Alone
3 Comeback Kid * Broadcasting Smallman/Victory
4 High On Fire Death Is The Communion Relapse
5 Pig Destroyer Phantom Limb Relapse
6 Jesu Conqueror Hydra Head
7 Cephalic Carnage Xenosapien Relapse
8 Pelican City Of Echoes Hydra Head
9 Martyr * Feeding The Abscess Galy
10 The Locust New Erections Anti-
11 Blinded By Faith * Weapons Of Mass Distraction Galy
12 Alabama Thunderpussy Open Fire Relapse
13 Baroness Red Album Relapse
14 Longing For Dawn A Trecherous Ascension Grau
15 Nadja * Radiance Of Shadows Alien8
16 The Red Chord Prey For Eyes Metal Blade
17 Dimmu Borgir In Sorte Diaboli Nuclear Blast
18 Machine Head The Blackening Roadrunner
19 Big Business Here Come The Waterworks Hydra Head
20 Despised Icon * The Ills Of Modern Man Century Media



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