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!earshot charts - top 20 jazzof 2008

Asterisk (*) denotes Canadian artists. All !earshot charts in this issue reflect actual airplay on campus/community stations from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008. Charts are weighted according to broadcast range and market size. To view older charts from as far back as 1999, go to our charts archive.

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Rank Artist Title Label
1 Rabnett 5 * Leopardism Ropeadope Digital
2 Mark Dejong * The Unknown Chronograph
3 Jane Bunnett * Embracing Voices Blue Note
4 Bill Prouten * Low-Down, No-Good Keyano College
5 Tony Wilson Sextet* Pearls Before Swine Drip Audio
6 Elizabeth Shepherd * Parkdale Do Right! Music
7 DK Ibomeka * I'm Your Man Wychwood Park
8 L'Orkestre Des Pas Perdus * Project 9 Independent
9 Richard Underhill * Kensington Suite Stubby
10 Sharon Minemoto Trio* You Can See The Ocean From Here Pagetown
11 Out To Lunch * Excuse Me While I Do The Boogaloo Accurate
12 Cory Weeds Quartet Big Weeds Cellar Live
13 Cosmologic Eyes In The Back Of My Head Cuneiform
14 Hutchinson Andrew Trio* Music Box Chronograph
15 Jeff Healey * Mess Of Blues Stony Plain
16 Esperanza Spalding Esperanza Heads Up
17 Joel Haynes Trio Transitions Cellar Live
18 Avi Granite 6 * Red Tree Pet Mantis
19 Shannon Butcher * Words We Both Could Say Summer Bloom
20 Rita Chiarelli * Uptown Goes Downtown Mad Iris Music

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