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!earshot charts - March 2008 - top 20 hip hop

Asterisk (*) denotes Canadian artists. All !earshot charts in this issue reflect actual airplay on campus/community stations during the month of March 2008. Charts are weighted according to broadcast range and market size. To view older charts from as far back as 1999, go to our charts archive.

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Rank Artist Title Label
1 Cadence Weapon * Afterparty Babies Upper Class
2 Shad * The Old Prince Black Blox
3 Lupe Fiasco The Cool Atlantic
4 Various * 2008 Canadian Rap Future Superstars Brockway Entertainment
5 Buck 65 * Situation Warner
6 Mike Ladd Nostagialator Definitive Jux/World's Fair
7 The YMD Excuse Me, This Is The Yah Mos Def My Pal God
8 Pete Rock NY's Finest Nature Sounds
9 Chadio & Aalo Guha * Underestimated Raindrops Imaginations Treetrunk
10 Breez Evahflowin Troublemakers Independent
11 The Pack Based Boys Rawkus
12 Various Beyond Hamsterdam: Baltimore Music From The Wire Nonesuch
13 One Be Lo The R.E.B.I.R.T.H. Independent
14 Food For Animals Belly Hoss
15 Various Peanut Butter Wolf Presents B-Ball Zombie War Stones Throw
16 Wu-Tang Clan 8 Diagrams Loud
17 Two Ton Sloth Is Brad Hamers & PZ Token Recluse
18 Ghislain Poirier * No Ground Under Ninja Tune
19 Tzadeka * Tzadeka Little Whore
20 Yak Ballz Scifentology II Flospot



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