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The National Top 20 Jazz 20 of 2016

Asterisk (*) denotes Canadian artists. All !earshot charts in this issue reflect actual airplay on campus/community stations from January 2016 to December 2016. Charts are weighted according to broadcast range and market size. To view older charts from as far back as 1999, go to our charts main page.

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Rank Artist Title Label
IV - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @badbadnotgood

2016 saw BADBADNOTGOOD officially welcome long-time collaborator, saxophonist Leland Whitty into the cadre.  He joins Matthew Tavares, Chester Hansen and Alexander Sowinski for the release of the album IV. In BBNG fashion, the quartet have been exploring beyond the pale, leaving any previous expectations we may have had of the group unraveled. 

With IV the boys have welcomed some guests - vocalists, rappers, musicians and DJ’s, demonstrating their ease with continued inventiveness while in a more supporting role.  The collaboration with Future Islands frontman Sam Herring on “Time Moves Slow” has an unobstructed, almost organic sound.  It’s a fitting backdrop to Herring’s raspy voiced ballad.  Then there’s the silky, “In Your Eyes” with Toronto’s Charlotte Day Good.  They’re back into some familiar stomping grounds on “Lavender” with master texturizer, DJ Kaytranada and rapper Mick Jenkins with “Hyssop of Love” where BBNG has a unique ability to permeate the words with their wispy, edgeless sound.

There are plenty of instrumental shenanigans going on as well with strings and flutes abound.  You’ll want to strap in for the head on collision with saxophone maestro Colin Stetson on “Confessions, Pt. II”.  It’s intense to say the least and is one of the longer songs on the album.  Put all these features together with some fine jazz wig outs, and you have IV. 

By interlacing their musical ideas with concepts from other artists BADBADNOTGOOD have produced a more crystalline sound.  You can hear all four members take part in the development of it. Who knows what BBNG will do next, but rest assured it’s not going to be what you think. .
| By Shelley Gummeson

2  Atlantis Jazz Ensemble Atlantis Jazz Ensemble Can Con
Oceanic Suite - (Marlow)) Band Website

3 Nick Fraser Quartet Nick Fraser Quartet Can Con
Starer - (Self-Released)) Band Website

4  Snarky Puppy Snarky Puppy
Culch Vulcha - (Ground Up)) Band Website @realsnarkypuppy

5 Allison Au Quartet Allison Au Quartet Can Con
Forest Grove - (Self-Released)) Band Website @allisonaumusic

6 Brahja Waldman Brahja Waldman Can Con
Wisdomatic - (Self-Released)) Band Website

7 Henry Threadgill Ensemble Double Up Henry Threadgill Ensemble Double Up
Old Locks And Irregular Verbs - (Pi))

8  See Through 5 See Through 5 Can Con
Utilities - (All-Set!)) Band Website

9 Michael Blake Michael Blake
Fulfillment - (Songlines)) Band Website

10 Dr. Lonnie Smith Dr. Lonnie Smith
Evolution - (Blue Note)) Band Website @drlonniesmith2

11 Myriad3 * Moons Alma
12 Amanda Tosoff * Words Self-Released
13 Bobby Kapp & Matthew Shipp Cactus Northern Spy
14 Autobahn * Of The Tree Self-Released
15 The Bad Plus It's Hard OKeh
16 Eric St-Laurent * Planet Katzenmusik
17 Steve Lehman & S�l�b�yone S�l�b�yone Pi
18 Al Muirhead * Oop! Chronograph
19 James Danderfer * Time and Tide Reigning Parade
20 Metalwood * Twenty Cellar Live

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