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The National Top 200 of 2016

Asterisk (*) denotes Canadian artists. All !earshot charts in this issue reflect actual airplay on campus/community stations from January 2016 to December 2016. Charts are weighted according to broadcast range and market size. To view older charts from as far back as 1999, go to our charts main page.

top 200 >> 51 to 100 >>101 to 150 >>151 to200 | electronic | hip hop | international | jazz | loud | folk/roots/blues | main charts page

Rank Artist Title Label
1 Basia Bulat Basia Bulat Can Con
Good Advice - (Secret City) Band Website @BasiaBulat

With her fourth album Basia Bulat wanted to take a risk, make a change, go somewhere new. Bulat shuffled off to a new and strange city to record (Louisville, Kentucky), expanded her musical palette well beyond her signature autoharp (including generous dollops of organ and keys) and teamed up with new and unfamiliar musicians to make her breakup record.

It seems to have worked. Good advice has earned has her new audiences well beyond her folk. But perhaps the greatest benefit was the earned experience and groweth born of risky move that pays off.

One can only wonder what her next move will be. It can't come soon enough.
| By Magnus Thyvold

Weeks at no.1: Apr 5, 2016 | Mar 29, 2016 | Mar 22, 2016 | Mar 15, 2016 | Mar 8, 2016 | Mar 1, 2016 | Feb 23, 2016 |

IV - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @badbadnotgood

2016 saw BADBADNOTGOOD officially welcome long-time collaborator, saxophonist Leland Whitty into the cadre.  He joins Matthew Tavares, Chester Hansen and Alexander Sowinski for the release of the album IV. In BBNG fashion, the quartet have been exploring beyond the pale, leaving any previous expectations we may have had of the group unraveled. 

With IV the boys have welcomed some guests - vocalists, rappers, musicians and DJ’s, demonstrating their ease with continued inventiveness while in a more supporting role.  The collaboration with Future Islands frontman Sam Herring on “Time Moves Slow” has an unobstructed, almost organic sound.  It’s a fitting backdrop to Herring’s raspy voiced ballad.  Then there’s the silky, “In Your Eyes” with Toronto’s Charlotte Day Good.  They’re back into some familiar stomping grounds on “Lavender” with master texturizer, DJ Kaytranada and rapper Mick Jenkins with “Hyssop of Love” where BBNG has a unique ability to permeate the words with their wispy, edgeless sound.

There are plenty of instrumental shenanigans going on as well with strings and flutes abound.  You’ll want to strap in for the head on collision with saxophone maestro Colin Stetson on “Confessions, Pt. II”.  It’s intense to say the least and is one of the longer songs on the album.  Put all these features together with some fine jazz wig outs, and you have IV. 

By interlacing their musical ideas with concepts from other artists BADBADNOTGOOD have produced a more crystalline sound.  You can hear all four members take part in the development of it. Who knows what BBNG will do next, but rest assured it’s not going to be what you think. .
| By Shelley Gummeson

Weeks at no.1: Sep 20, 2016 | Sep 13, 2016 | Aug 30, 2016 | Aug 23, 2016 | Aug 16, 2016 | Aug 9, 2016 | Aug 2, 2016 | Jul 26, 2016 | Jul 19, 2016 |

3  Nap Eyes Nap Eyes Can Con
Thought Rock Fish Scale - (You've Changed) Band Website @NapEyes

These Halagonian slacker rockers are anything but.  This four piece is now stretched a bit further geographically - Drummer Seamus Dalton, lead guitarist Brad Loughead and bassist Josh Salter now live in Montreal while frontman Nigel Chapman remains in Halifax. Their music is catchy and soothing, littered with intellectual references.  Their debut album, Whine of the Mystics independently released in 2014 was re-released by You’ve Changed Records in Canada in 2015 (Paradise of Bachelors, USA).  Their 2016 release, Thought Rock Fish Scale launched Nap Eyes into the ears of a legion of new fans.  The album was long listed for the Polaris Prize.  Their live show is honest and engaging - with Chapman thanking his audience sincerely, and singing his heart out- look for them in 2017.
| By Erin Flynn

Weeks at no.1: Feb 16, 2016 |

4  Grimes Grimes Can Con
Art Angels - (4AD) Band Website @Grimezsz

Grimes has moved beyond the world of just music stardom. It is not just music fans and the music press who want her but the fashion world, celebrity mags, major newpapers. Maybe it is because she is a true original. Her music is catchy and accessible yet a bit weird, kinda off-kilter and original. And she makes it looks easy. Perhaps, for her, it is. She didn't even start making music until university and just kinda fell into it. After her last record, there was some sniping from some musicians about her lack of training and not having paid dues. But Art Angels proves what was already apparent then: no amount of sour grapes are going to slow her down.
Technically, Art Angels is a 2015 record released at the of the year but it entered 2016 as the No.1 record on !earshot and continued to chart. At just 27, Grimes has a long career ahead of her ands that is good news for the rest of us.
(Only her 2016 chart appearances counted towards her position on the 2016 Top 200)
| By Magnus Thyvold

Weeks at no.1: Jan 19, 2016 | Jan 12, 2016 | Jan 5, 2016 | Dec 15, 2015 | Dec 8, 2015 | Dec 1, 2015 |

5  Black Mountain Black Mountain Can Con
IV - (Dine Alone) Band Website @_blackmountain_

Vancouver's Black Mountain return to the scene after 5 years with a psychedelic masterpiece - the aptly named IV. Though the album has all the trappings of a classic, stoner-rock record - languid melodies, heavy guitar riffs, lots of wah wah pedal, hypnotic drones, and epic solos - the band offers a little something more with their latest effort. The greater emphasis on synths, the lyrical imagery, and the mesmerizing harmonies between vocalists Amber Webber & Stephen McBean lend this album much of its spacey vibes, so it sounds both vintage and futuristic at once. Webber's distinctive voice also helps to anchor the band's own identity, separating them from all the rest.  With IV, Black Mountain takes what might've been a typical psychedelic rock album, adds their own unique flavour, and then hurls it into space.
| By Alexandra Rimmington

Weeks at no.1: May 17, 2016 | May 10, 2016 | May 3, 2016 | Apr 26, 2016 | Apr 19, 2016 | Apr 12, 2016 |

6 The Pack A.D. The Pack A.D. Can Con
Positive Thinking - (Cadence Music Group) Band Website @therealpackad

Upon hearing their music, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Vancouver's The Pack A.D. consisted of more than just two members. But singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller have earned a reputation over the years for creating powerful garage rock songs together, with a heavy sound that rivals any 5-piece band. And Positive Thinking, their sixth studio album, is no different in this regard.  The duo continues to trade much of their earlier blues influences for melodic punk, and they keep the fuzzed-out guitars, driving beats, mighty vocals, and pop hooks that their listeners have come to expect. Yet the lyrics on Positive Thinking are their most personal to date - exploring darker matters like alienation, grief, and depression with a sincere and sometimes humorous approach.  The end result is a highly listenable, meaty album that you can definitely sink your teeth into.
| By Alexandra Rimmington

Weeks at no.1: Oct 4, 2016 | Sep 27, 2016 | Sep 6, 2016 |

7 Andy Shauf Andy Shauf Can Con
The Party - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @AndyShauf

Growing up in the small town of Estevan, Saskatchewan, Andy Shauf had access to all kinds of instruments through his parent’s music & electronics store.  From his early beginnings playing Christian music with his family, Shauf developed into a talented song writer and multi-instrumentalist.  He always had the ability to captivate a room - now those rooms are sold out.  Since 2009,  Shauf has released two full length albums and two eps independently before The Bearer of Bad News (2012) caught people’s attention and Andy was signed to Arts & Crafts and Anti in 2015.  His 2016 release, a concept album called The Party was received with high praise making its way onto the Polaris Prize shortlist.  With the backing of two labels, thousands of fans and a move to the big smoke, Shauf remains focussed on making great music.
| By Erin Flynn

Weeks at no.1: Jul 12, 2016 | Jun 28, 2016 |

8  A Tribe Called Red A Tribe Called Red Can Con
We Are The Halluci Nation - (Pirates Blend) Band Website @atribecalledred

The late poet, Santee Dakota activist, and former chair of the American Indian Movement, John Trudell opens A Tribe Called Red`s third and latest recording with these words: `We are the tribe that they cannot see. We live on an industrial reservation. We are the Halluci Nation.” Band members Ian "DJ NDN" Campeau (of the Nipissing First Nation), Tim "2oolman" Hill (Mohawk, of the Six Nations of the Grand River) and Bear Witness (of the Cayuga First Nation) have always been inspired by Trudell`s activism, and they were able to get him into the studio before he died of cancer in 2015.

Trudell is one of a number of stellar special guests featured on the record: rapper Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Polaris Prize winner Tanya Tagaq,  Colombian visual artist and musician Lido Pimienta, Australian aboriginal band OKA, Sami singer Maxida Marak, and alternative hip hop poet Saul Williams round out the album.

Tribe shares this statement on their webpage: ``A Tribe Called Red promotes inclusivity, empathy and acceptance amongst all races and genders in the name of social justice. They believe that indigenous people need to define their identity on their own terms. If you share this vision, then you are already part of the Halluci Nation."
| By Catherine Fisher

Weeks at no.1: Dec 20, 2016 | Dec 13, 2016 | Dec 6, 2016 | Nov 1, 2016 | Oct 25, 2016 | Oct 18, 2016 | Oct 11, 2016 |

9 Tanya Tagaq Tanya Tagaq Can Con
Retribution - (Six Shooter) Band Website @tagaq

Cambridge Bay-born musician Tanya Tagaq continues to push boundaries with her fourth studio album, Retribution, released in October 2016. Retribution features the work of a fantastic array of musicians, notably her core team, violinist and super-producer Jesse Zubot (who is responsible for arrangements and mixes) and percussionist Jean Martin, with important supporting roles played by Mongolian throat singer Radik Tyulyush, Inuit singer Ruben Komangapik, rapper Shad, and the Element Choir, a 50-person improvisational choir directed by Toronto-based singer, Christine Duncan. Retribution opens with ``Ajaaja``, sung by Tagaq`s four year old daughter, Inuuja, who is joined by Iqaluit singer Ruben Komangapik singing a traditional Inuit naming song.

As with Tagaq`s previous albums, Retribution deals with tough subjects: CBC Producer Holly Gordon calls it `an album about rape — of women, of the land,`` and journalist Andrea Warner, says that Tagaq, who now lives in Toronto, ``uses her voice, body and art to challenge the patriarchy, white supremacy and colonization.`` Tagaq was recently named to the Order of Canada for her "contributions to Canadian culture through her avant-garde Inuit throat singing."
| By Catherine Fisher

Weeks at no.1: Nov 22, 2016 | Nov 15, 2016 | Nov 8, 2016 |

10  Wintersleep Wintersleep Can Con
The Great Detachment - (Dine Alone) Band Website @wintersleep

After a four year break that some thought my really be a break-up, Wintersleep returned with a roar with The Great Detachment. Marking something of a fresh start. but also building on continuity, the record reunites band members, Paul Murphy, Loel Campbell (drummer) and Tim D’eon (guitarist) with producer Tony Doogan. Mostly recorded live off the floor in Halifax. The record also includes a guest bass line provided by Canadian rock icon Geddy Lee. Lead single “Amerika” scored a Canadian N0.1 and the album spent X week at the top of the !earshot National Top 50. All together, a good year for Wintersleep.
| By Magnus Thyvold

11  Suuns Suuns Can Con
Hold / Still - (Secret City) Band Website @suunsband

12 David Bowie David Bowie
Blackstar - (Columbia) Band Website @DavidBowieReal

13  Holy Fuck Holy Fuck Can Con
Congrats - (Last Gang) Band Website @holyfuck

14  PUP PUP Can Con
The Dream Is Over - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @puptheband

15  Savages Savages
Adore Life - (Matador) Band Website @savagesband

16 Jay Arner Jay Arner Can Con
Jay II - (Mint) Band Website @jayarner

17  Preoccupations Preoccupations Can Con
Preoccupations - (Flemish Eye) Band Website @pre_occupations

18  Shotgun Jimmie Shotgun Jimmie Can Con
Field of Trampolines - (You've Changed) Band Website @jimmieshotgun

19  Kaytranada Kaytranada Can Con
99.9% - (XL Recordings) Band Website @KAYTRANADA

20  TUNS TUNS Can Con
Tuns - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @tunsband

21 Rae Spoon Rae Spoon Can Con
Armour - (Coax) Band Website @raespoon

22  Duchess Says Duchess Says Can Con
Sciences Nouvelles - (Bonsound) Band Website

23  Royal Canoe Royal Canoe Can Con
Something Got Lost Between Here And The Orbit - (Nevado) Band Website @royalcanoe

24  Weaves Weaves Can Con
Weaves - (Buzz) Band Website @Weeaves

25 Jessy Lanza Jessy Lanza Can Con
Oh No - (Geej Recordings) Band Website @jessy_lanza

26 Daniel Romano Daniel Romano Can Con
Mosey - (New West) Band Website @thedanielromano

27  Plants And Animals Plants And Animals
Waltzed in from the Rumbling - (Secret City) Band Website @plantandanimal

28 Angel Olsen Angel Olsen
My Woman - (Jagjaguwar) Band Website @AngelOlsen

29 Charlotte Day Wilson Charlotte Day Wilson Can Con
CDW - (Self-Released)

30  You Say Party You Say Party Can Con
You Say Party - (Paper Bag) Band Website @yousayparty

31  Moss Lime Moss Lime Can Con
Zoo Du Quebec - (Telephone Explosion) Band Website @moss_lime

32  Operators Operators
Blue Wave - (Last Gang) Band Website @operators_band

33 The Besnard Lakes The Besnard Lakes Can Con
A Coliseum Complex Museum - (Jagjaguwar) Band Website @BesnardLakes

34  Parquet Courts Parquet Courts
Human Performance - (Rough Trade) Band Website

35 Hannah Georgas Hannah Georgas Can Con
For Evelyn - (Dine Alone) Band Website @hannahmusic

36  Kacy & Clayton Kacy & Clayton Can Con
Strange Country - (Big White Cloud)

37  Young Rival Young Rival Can Con
Interior Light - (Paper Bag) Band Website @YoungRival

38  Supermoon Supermoon Can Con
Playland - (Mint) Band Website @suupermoon

39 The Zorgs The Zorgs Can Con
Chew On It - (Transistor 66) Band Website @The_Zorgs

40  Heaven for Real Heaven for Real Can Con
Kill Your Memory - (Mint) Band Website @heaven4R

41 The Dirty Nil The Dirty Nil Can Con
Higher Power - (Dine Alone)

42 Tim Hecker Tim Hecker Can Con
Love Streams - (Paper Bag) Band Website @tim_hecker

43  White Lung White Lung Can Con
Paradise - (Domino) Band Website @whitelungband

44  Junior Boys Junior Boys Can Con
Big Black Coat - (Geej Recordings) Band Website @Juniorboys

45 Sarah Neufeld Sarah Neufeld Can Con
The Ridge - (Paper Bag) Band Website @sarahkneufeld

46  Deerhunter Deerhunter
Fading Frontier - (4AD) Band Website

47  Whitehorse Whitehorse Can Con
The Northern South Vol.1 - (Six Shooter) Band Website @WeAreWhitehorse

48  Radiohead Radiohead
A Moon Shaped Pool - (XL Recordings) Band Website @radiohead

49  Majical Cloudz Majical Cloudz Can Con
Are You Alone? - (Arts & Crafts)

50 Charles Bradley Charles Bradley
Changes - (Daptone) Band Website @charles_bradley

top 200 >> 51 to 100 >>101 to 150 >>151 to200 | electronic | hip hop | international | jazz | loud | folk/roots/blues | main charts page

Rank Artist Title Label
51 River Tiber * Indigo Self-Released
52 Monomyth * Happy Pop Family Mint
53 Daughter Not To Disappear Glassnote
54 Hot Panda * Bad Pop Self-Released
55 Jason Collett * Song and Dance Man Arts & Crafts
56 Laura Sauvage * Extraordinormal Simone
57 Un Blonde * Good Will Come To You Egg Paper Factory
58 Hooded Fang * Venus on Edge Daps
59 Walrus * Goodbye Something Madic Records
60 The Burning Hell * Public Library Headless Owl
61 DJ Shadow The Mountain Will Fall Mass Appeal
62 Crystal Castles * Amnesty (I) Republic
63 Brendan Canning * Home Wrecking Years Arts & Crafts
64 Solids * Else Dine Alone
65 Weird Lines * Weird Lines Sappy Futures Ltd.
66 Brave Radar * Lion Head Fixture
67 Jpnsgrls * Divorce Light Organ
68 DIIV Is The Is Are Captured Tracks
69 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Nonagon Infinity ATO
70 Cage The Elephant Tell Me I'm Pretty RCA
71 Deerhoof The Magic Polyvinyl
72 Matt Andersen * Honest Man True North
73 KROY * Scavenger Dare To Care
74 The Highest Order * Still Holding Idee Fixe
75 Little Scream * Cult Following Dine Alone
76 Young Rival * Interior Light Paper Bag
77 The Submissives * Do You Really Love Me? Fixture
78 July Talk * Touch Sleepless
79 Aidan Knight * Each Other Outside Music
80 Young Rival * Strange Light Paper Bag
81 The Wet Secrets * I Can Live Forever EP Six Shooter
82 Reversing Falls * Reversing Falls 2 Self-Released
83 Duotang * New Occupation Stomp
84 Deerhunter Fading Frontier 4AD
85 Jordan Klassen * Javelin Nevado
86 Thee Oh Sees A Weird Exits Castle Face
87 Library Voices * Lovish Nevado
88 Drum and Bell Tower * Out of Time Self-Released
89 Power Duo * Power Duo Self-Released
90 Bart * Holomew Idee Fixe
91 Lisa Leblanc * Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen? Bonsound
92 Braids * Companion EP Flemish Eye
93 Young Galaxy * Falsework Paper Bag
94 Lab Coast * Remember The Moon Wyatt Records
95 Crones * Air Chud Self-Released
96 M83 Junk Mute
97 Black Spruce Bog * Confluence Self-Released
98 Blood Orange Freetown Sound Domino
99 Essaie Pas * Demain est une Autre Nuit DFA
100 DIANA * Familiar Touch Culvert

top 200 >> 51 to 100 >>101 to 150 >>151 to200 | electronic | hip hop | international | jazz | loud | folk/roots/blues | main charts page

Rank Artist Title Label
101 We Are The City * Above Club Boompa
102 We Are Wolves * Wrong Fant�me Records
103 Le Matos * Chronicle of the Wasteland Fant�me Records
104 Vallens * Consent Hand Drawn Dracula
105 Drive-By Truckers American Band ATO
106 Various Day Of The Dead 4AD
107 The Luyas * Says You Paper Bag
108 C�cile Doo-Kingu� * Anybody Listening Part 2: Dialogues Self-Released
109 Striker * Stand In The Fire Self-Released
110 Bon Iver 22, A Million Jagjaguwar
111 AA Wallace * In Alpha Zones Culvert
112 The Forbidden Dimension * Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass Sounds Escaping
113 Lal * Find Safety Coax
114 Majical Cloudz * Are You Alone? Arts & Crafts
115 Pharis & Jason Romero * A Wanderer I'll Stay Lula
116 Les Deuxluxes * Springtime Devil Bonsound
117 Tortoise The Catastrophist Thrill Jockey
118 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree Bad Seed Ltd.
119 Rococode * Don't Worry It Will Be Dark Soon Marquis
120 Snowblink * Returning Current Outside Music
121 Jim Bryson * Somewhere We Will Find Our Place Fixed Hinge Recordings
122 Lantern * Black Highways and Green Garden Roads Fixture
123 Bear Mountain * Badu Last Gang
124 Tomato Tomato * I Go Where You Go Self-Released
125 Mitski Puberty 2 Dead Oceans
126 Danny Michel * Matadora Six Shooter
127 Zones * After Image Pleasance
128 Beauts * Waves/Wash Self-Released
129 Blue Moon Marquee * Gypsy Blues Self-Released
130 Dinosaur Jr. Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not Jagjaguwar
131 Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression Loma Vista
132 Whitney Light Upon the Lake Secretly Canadian
133 Erin Costelo * Down Below, The Status Quo venue
134 Woodpigeon * TROUBLE Boompa
135 No Aloha * Deluxe Self-Released
136 Elephant Stone * Ship Of Fools Burger
137 Greys * Outer Heaven Carpark
138 Dilly Dally * Sore Buzz
139 Hinds Leave Me Alone Mom + Pop / Lucky Number
140 Del Barber and the No Regretzkys* The Puck Drops Here True North
141 Autumn Still * When It Was Self-Released
142 Twin River * Passing Shade Light Organ
143 L CON * Moon Milk Self-Released
144 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Paper Mache Dream Balloon ATO
145 Andrew Bird Are You Serious Loma Vista
146 The Soupcans * Soft Party Telephone Explosion
147 Mulligrub * Soft Grudge Self-Released
148 Beliefs * Leaper Hand Drawn Dracula
149 Doomsquad * Total Time Hand Drawn Dracula
150 Roger Roger * Fairweather Self-Released

top 200 >> 51 to 100 >>101 to 150 >>151 to200 | electronic | hip hop | international | jazz | loud | folk/roots/blues | main charts page

Rank Artist Title Label
151 Yes We Mystic * Forgiver Self-Released
152 Matthew Barber & Jill Barber* The Family Album Outside Music
153 Tasseomancy * Do Easy Hand Drawn Dracula
154 Federal Lights * Couer de Lion Aporia
155 Tacocat Lost Time Hardly Art
156 Sheer Agony * Masterpiece Couple Skate
157 Animal Collective Painting With Domino
158 Mstrkrft * Operator Last Gang
159 Scott Nolan * Silverhill Transistor 66
160 Like A Motorcycle * High Hopes Ground Swell
161 The Small Glories * Wondrous Traveller Self-Released
162 Little You Little Me * I'd Watch The Day Til It Died Monopolized
163 L.T.Leif * Shadow On The Brim / Rough Beasts Choose Yer Own
164 The Strumbellas * Hope Six Shooter
165 Surprise Party * Sh-Shake Your Booty Transistor 66
166 Wake Island * Out Self-Released
167 Gord Downie * Secret Path Arts & Crafts
168 The Velveteins * A Hot Second With The Velveteins Fierce Panda
169 Odonis Odonis * Post Plague Telephone Explosion
170 The Sheepdogs * Future Nostalgia Warner (WEA)
171 Tegan And Sara * Love You To Death Warner (WEA)
172 Bat For Lashes The Bride Parlophone
173 Pet Sun Shade Driver Sleepless
174 The 427's * Mavericks Stingray
175 James Hunter Six HOLD ON! Daptone
176 Twist Spectral Buzz Records
177 The Darcys * Centerfold Arts & Crafts
178 Code Pie * Pop Cycle Flagless
179 Weyes Blood Front Row Seat to Earth Mexican Summer
180 Fond Of Tigers * Uninhabit Offseason
181 Metric * Pagans in Vegas Universal
182 The Wainwright Sisters * Songs In The Dark MapleMusic Recordings
183 Milk Lines * Ceramic In The Red
184 Rooms * It Takes A Lot To Show Up Pretzel
185 Motherhood * Baby Teeth Monopolized
186 The Avalanches Wildflower Astralwerks
187 Anderson .Paak Malibu Steel Wool / OBE / Art Club / EMPIRE
188 John K. Samson * Winter Wheat Anti-
189 Groenland * A Wider Space Bonsound
190 Peaches * Rub I U She Music
191 West My Friend Quiet Hum Self-Released
192 Kurt Vile b'lieve i'm goin down Matador
193 Bibio Mineral Love Warp
194 Phern * Pause Clope/Cool Coma Fixture
195 Wild Nothing Life Of Pause Captured Tracks
196 Half Moon Run * Sun Leads Me On Indica
197 The Julie Ruin Hit Reset Hardly Art
198 Pang Attack * North Country Psychic Girls Self-Released
199 Cellarghost In the Whiteout Monopolized
200 Hard Charger * Bad Omens No List


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