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The National Loud Top 20 of 2018

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1  Fucked Up Fucked Up Can Con
Dose Your Dreams - (Arts & Crafts)) Band Website @FUCKEDUP

For a band often defined by the vocals and antics of lead singer Daniel Abraham, Dose your Dreams represents a change and perhaps a new direction.  As Abraham stepped back from the nand to focus on other opportunities, Mike Haliechuk stepped up, helped by drummer Jonah Falco, to craft and album that is in fact quite varied and not always suited to Abraham vocal style or even what he was comfortable with sound-wise. Rather than cause perhaps fatal tensions within the band  and with his attention elsewhere, Abraham was willing to take and smaller role on the album and let Haliechuck and the band run it. Several tracks feature guest vocalist such as J. Mascis, Polaris Prize winner Lido Pimiento, Mary Margaret O’Hara and Jennifer Castle as well as other band members taking the lead.  It is a concept album that brings back and tells a story on of a character, David Eliade, the band had previously made the subject of their 201X album David Comes to Life. Not just thematic, it is a narrative starting with the first track that merits close attention to the story as it unfolds along with music.  As something new for Fucked Up,  it points to further changes to come.
-- Magnus Thyvold

Weeks at no.1: Dec 4, 2018 | Nov 20, 2018 | Nov 13, 2018 | Nov 6, 2018 | Oct 23, 2018 |

2  Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Can Con
Dirt - (Paper Bag)) Band Website @YTSTLabs

3  Cancer Bats Cancer Bats Can Con
The Spark That Moves - (Bat Skull Records)) Band Website @cancerbats

4  KEN mode KEN mode Can Con
Loved - (New Damage)) Band Website @kenmodenoise

5  Ghost Ghost
Prequelle - (Loma Vista)) Band Website @thebandGHOST

6  Miesha & The Spanks Miesha & The Spanks Can Con
Girls Girls Girls - (Saved By Vinyl)) Band Website @mieshalouie

7  Li� Li� Can Con
Hounds - (Mint)) Band Website

8  Voivod Voivod Can Con
The Wake - (Century Media)) Band Website @voivoddotnet

9  Judas Priest Judas Priest
Firepower - (Sony)) Band Website @judaspriest

10 The Dirty Nil The Dirty Nil Can Con
Master Volume - (Dine Alone)) Band Website @thedirtynil

11  Striker Striker Can Con
Play To Win - (Record Breaking Records)) Band Website @StrikerMetal

12  Fu Manchu Fu Manchu
Clone of the Universe - (New Damage)) Band Website @fumanchuband

13  Greber Greber Can Con
Cemetery Preston - (Self-Released)) Band Website

14  Vantablack Warship Vantablack Warship Can Con
Abrasive Pulmonic Speak - (Self-Released)) Band Website

15  Slow Slow Can Con
Against the Glass (reissue) - (Artoffact)) Band Website

16  Storc Storc Can Con
storc - (Self-Released)) Band Website

17  Not Of Not Of Can Con
Hypocritic Oath - (No List)) Band Website @notofband

18  Wake Wake Can Con
Misery Rites - (Translation Loss)) Band Website @wakegrind

19  Spectral Wound Spectral Wound Can Con
Infernal Decadence - (Vendetta Records)) Band Website

Our Raw Heart - (Relapse)) Band Website @quantumyob

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