The National Top 200 of 2019

Top 200 | Electronic | Folk/Roots/Blues | Hip Hop | International | Jazz | Loud

The National Top 200 of 2019

Top 200 | Electronic | Folk/Roots/Blues | Hip Hop | International | Jazz | Loud

1  PUP PUP Can Con
Morbid Stuff - (Little Dipper) Band Website @puptheband |

It's a rare record that ends up being UMFM's(in Winnipeg) most-played album and isn't produced by a Manitoba artist. Rarer still is the record that ends up on both our Station Manager's Top 10 list and that of his ten-year-old daughter's but that's the case with Morbid Stuff. This is a potent album full of anger in an age where we're supposed to calm down while all around us are sources of the stuff. With their third album the Toronto quartet have honed the pop-punk hooks that support singer Stefan Babcock's lyrical blow-ups and delivered a cathartic release for fans of all ages.
By Micheal Elves

Weeks at no.1: Jul 2, 2019 | Jun 11, 2019 | Jun 4, 2019 | May 28, 2019 | May 21, 2019 | May 14, 2019 | May 7, 2019 | Apr 30, 2019 | Apr 23, 2019 | Apr 16, 2019 |

2 Orville Peck Orville Peck Can Con
Pony - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @orvillepeck |

Orville Peck is a man of mystery. He arrived on the scene wearing a low slung stetson and a fringed leather mask that hid his identity. An Everyman and a Nobody. But that didn't stop him from taking Toronto and then Canada by storm with his club performances and debut record Pony. Peck only donned the mask and the persona in late 2018. So in some ways he is a come-out-of-nowhere story. But he has been a performer active in the music scene for two decades. And he has been a listener and fan of Country music since childhood. The image isn’t just a gimmick for him. As an outsider, as a (formerly closeted) Country fan and as a gay man, Orville Peck persona represents the “trust that the best version of myself is myself," as he said in a recent Exclaim! interview. Underlying the mask is a commitment to sincerity in his music, his writing, and his performances and videos.

The strength of Pony, and his sudden and meteoric rise, make Orville Peck an artist to watch with interest.

By Magnus Thyvold

3  Royal Canoe Royal Canoe Can Con
Waver - (Paper Bag) Band Website @royalcanoe |

I've had the pleasure and privilege of seeing Royal Canoe's career and music develop over the last decade, from their first effort Co-op Mode to this, their latest. While it didn't make the final cut, Waver claimed the top spot on my own ballot for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize and as I wrote in support of it to my fellow jurors at the time: "What's great about Waver is that songs can be pulled from the context of the record and work fine as singles, but stacked together they create an impressive, rich, dance-able rock record that touches on some darker emotional terrain than [their] prior two albums... Waver flies in the face of its own name in that it is an unwavering effort from the band."
By Michael Elves

Weeks at no.1: Feb 26, 2019 |

4  Foxwarren Foxwarren Can Con
Foxwarren - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @foxwarrenband |

Foxwarren�s self-titled record is a debut album ten years in the making. And though it may be the very first release for this band of siblings and childhood friends from Regina, it is instantly recognizable as an Andy Shauf project. His gentle, almost lazy singing style and double-tracked vocals are prominent throughout and give the album the same dream-like quality as his solo work. This quality is further enhanced by Foxwarren�s lyrics � poetry that often uses dreams, darkness and light, night and day, for its themes. Musically, the band blends folk and indie rock tinged with mellow psychedelia. And it is a surprisingly cohesive album, given that the writing and recording happened at various locations in fits and starts over the course of a decade, with some tracks taking years to work out while others came together in a single evening. It is a subtly intoxicating record that started charting in the National Top 50 from the very first week of 2019 and held the #1 spot for five consecutive weeks.
By Alexandra Rimmington

Weeks at no.1: Feb 19, 2019 | Feb 12, 2019 | Feb 5, 2019 | Jan 29, 2019 | Jan 22, 2019 |

5  Black Mountain Black Mountain Can Con
Destroyer - (Dine Alone) Band Website @_blackmountain_ |

Black Mountain has made several appearances in the annual !earshot Top 10 in previous years so it is not a surprise to see them here again with Destroyer, their fifth studio album.  But in many ways, this edition of Black Mountain is almost a new band. Lead man Stephen McBean, is of course, but long time members Amber Webber and Joshua Wells left to focus on their once side-project Lightning Dust and a bunch of new players and friends joineed McBean in his home studio in LA to bring the album together.

McBean only recently got his driver’s licence despite being in his 40s. The new found freedom seems to have inspired him and the album charts a mythical road trip across the desert with a harder driving sound than on previous records. It seems that change is good. A refreshed and renewed Black Mountain took Destroyer, released in late May 2019,  straight to number 1 on the !earshot Top 50.

By Magnus Thyvold

Weeks at no.1: Jul 23, 2019 | Jul 9, 2019 |

6  Necking Necking Can Con
Cut Your Teeth - (Mint) Band Website @wearenecking |

Necking made a big splash when their debut Cut Your Teeth dropped on Mint Records in July quickly peaking at number 1. With such a strong showing nationally and planty of gigging, their  plans for domination are working out well. Cut Your Teeth is kind of a break-up album, chronicling a turbulent year in the lives of Necking and it’s band members. But is also about personal growth, overcoming and finding yourself. Facing tough times, difficult circumstances and finding a way to overcome, or at least how to man and make it though. 

Necking have been gigging energetically in Vancouver and beyond honing their skills and sounds. The future holds big things for this quartet.. 

Cut Your Teeth is their first full studio album and a follow up to their  cassette-only EP, Meditation Tape, released in 2017.. In May, before the record came out, they stopped by Burnaby's CJSF 90.1FM for a Studio 6 Live Session and interview.

By Magnus Thyvold

Weeks at no.1: Aug 6, 2019 |

7 Daniel Romano Daniel Romano Can Con
Finally Free - (You've Changed Band Website @thedanielromano |

Daniel Romano is by now a veteran of the Canadian scene and this is his 11th solo album. Finally Free is a bit of a shift away from more traditional old time Country thread that has marked his career trajectory over most of the last decade. As he tells it, it came to him in a fever dream while on the road on tour. The lyrics first, and then when he finally got a chance, the music too get in the studio. Romano describes Finally Free as a difficult record that is not necessarily easy to listen to. The lyrics are often obscure or impenetrable and the songs play fast and loose with conventional structures in ways that are both challenging and frustrating. But it seems to have worked and here he is on the Top 10.

Actually released in late 2018, Finally Free was Romano’s third album released that year (!) with two bandcamp only releases coming at the beginning of the year

By Magnus Thyvold

8  Dumb Dumb Can Con
Club Nites - (Mint) Band Website @dumb_41 |

Club Nites is 14 fast and furious tracks of angular and grimy punk. Like so many other records in this year’s Top 10, there is a kind of theme at work on the record, summed up in the title Club Nites. The songs chronicle the ups and downs, the excitement and the falsity and emptiness of the nightlife experience.

Coming along less than a year after 2018’s Seeing Green, Club Nites seems like simple and straight-forward punk and pop music but there is an underlying musical and lyrical complexity that rewards those paying close attention. Songs make literary references and  nods to academic subjects in the service of fast punk rock stories. Oh. And there’s lots of noisy feedback. - for fun.

By Magnus Thyvold

Weeks at no.1: Jul 30, 2019 | Jul 16, 2019 | Jun 25, 2019 | Jun 18, 2019 |

9  Begonia Begonia Can Con
Fear - (Rex Baby) Band Website @hellobegonia |

Alexa Dirks has the powerful singing voice of a soul diva not often heard in the Canadian indie music scene. It has been a pleasure to hear over the years as part of the Juno award-winning Winnipeg ensemble, Chic Gamine. Recently however Dirks began working on an exciting solo project with a new persona under a new name. And in 2017, with an EP just long enough to whet the appetite, we were introduced to Begonia. Her highly anticipated debut album, Fear was finally released on her own label, Rex Baby Records in September 2019 and almost immediately it began charting in the National Top 50. It first appeared at #8 and by the following week it had taken the #1 spot where it then stayed for ten solid weeks. On Fear, Begonia worked with members of Royal Canoe who were able to marry modern indie pop and old soul music together beautifully. The highly personable yet relatable lyrics are written entirely by Begonia, and her rich vocals get the engineering and production they deserve, soaring through songs like "The Other Side", "Fear", and "Two Beers In".  An exceptional debut.
By Alexandra Rimmington

Weeks at no.1: Dec 3, 2019 | Nov 26, 2019 | Nov 19, 2019 | Nov 12, 2019 | Nov 5, 2019 | Oct 29, 2019 | Oct 22, 2019 | Oct 15, 2019 | Oct 8, 2019 | Oct 1, 2019 |

10  Wintersleep Wintersleep Can Con
In The Land Of - (Dine Alone) Band Website @wintersleep |

2019 marks almost two decades of playing together for introspective Nova Scotia indie-rockers Wintersleep. In the Land Of was another highly-anticipated album, their seventh, and the third one produced by Scottish producer Tony Doogan. 

Like their previous album, The Great Detachment, In the Land Of considers the ways that our surroundings are constructed in relation to us, and how our identities are constructed in relation to the land. 

In The Land Of’s first single, an anthemic meditation on the legacy of the genocide of Indigenous people in Canada called Beneficiary, was inspired by a comment made by award-winning Australian novelist that he was a ‘beneficiary of genocide’. Wintersleep’s chief songwriter, Paul Murphy said the phrase “ really stuck in (his) head” and described it as “a personal reckoning” for him.

By Catherine Fisher

11  Motherhood Motherhood Can Con
Dear Bongo - (Forward Music Group) Band Website @motherhoodmusic
12  Anemone Anemone Can Con
Beat My Distance - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @anemonelovesyou
Weeks at no.1: Apr 9, 2019 | Apr 2, 2019 |

13  Said The Whale Said The Whale Can Con
Cascadia - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @saidthewhale
14  Mauno Mauno Can Con
Really Well - (Tin Angel) Band Website @maunomusicband
Weeks at no.1: Sep 3, 2019 | Aug 27, 2019 | Aug 20, 2019 | Aug 13, 2019 |

15  Homeshake Homeshake Can Con
Helium - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @HOOMESHAAKE
Weeks at no.1: Mar 26, 2019 | Mar 19, 2019 | Mar 12, 2019 | Mar 5, 2019 |

16 Ada Lea Ada Lea Can Con
what we say in private - (Next Door / Saddle Creek)
Weeks at no.1: Sep 24, 2019 | Sep 17, 2019 |

17 Sharon Van Etten Sharon Van Etten
Remind Me Tomorrow - (Jagjaguwar) Band Website @sharonvanetten
18  Shotgun Jimmie Shotgun Jimmie Can Con
Transistor Sister 2 - (You've Changed) Band Website @jimmieshotgun
19  Pottery Pottery Can Con
No. 1 - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @potteryband
20  Peach Pyramid Peach Pyramid Can Con
Bright Blue - (Oscar Street) Band Website @PeachPyramid
21  Blessed Blessed Can Con
Salt - (Self-Released) Band Website @blesseddesselb
22  n�hiyawak n�hiyawak Can Con
starlight - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @nehiyawakband
23 B.A. Johnston B.A. Johnston Can Con
The Skid is Hot Tonight - (Transistor 66) Band Website @bajohnston
24 Dan Mangan Dan Mangan Can Con
More or Less - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @danmanganmusic
25 Mac DeMarco Mac DeMarco Can Con
Here Comes the Cowboy - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @Msldemarco
26 Rae Spoon Rae Spoon Can Con
Mental Health - (Coax) Band Website @raespoon

Weeks at no.1: Sep 10, 2019 |

27  Tallies Tallies Can Con
Tallies - (Hand Drawn Dracula)

28  Shad Shad Can Con
A Short Story About A War - (Secret City) Band Website @shadkmusic

Weeks at no.1: Jan 15, 2019 | Jan 8, 2019 | Dec 18, 2018 | Nov 27, 2018 |

29  Weyes Blood Weyes Blood
Titanic Rising - (Sub Pop) Band Website @WeyesBlood
30  Whitehorse Whitehorse Can Con
The Northern South, Vol. 2 - (Six Shooter Records) Band Website @WeAreWhitehorse
31 The New Pornographers The New Pornographers Can Con
In the Morse Code of Brake Lights - (Concord) Band Website @TheNewPornos
32  Yves Jarvis Yves Jarvis Can Con
The Same But By Different Means - (Flemish Eye) Band Website @yvesjarvis
33  Lungbutter Lungbutter Can Con
Honey - (Constellation) Band Website
34  Close Talker Close Talker Can Con
How Do We Stay Here? - (Slow Weather) Band Website @closetalkerband
35 Charlotte Cornfield Charlotte Cornfield Can Con
The Shape of Your Name - (Next Door) Band Website @cornfieldmusic
36  Living Hour Living Hour Can Con
Softer Faces - (Kanine)

37  Purple Mountains Purple Mountains
Purple Mountains - (Drag City)

38  Foreign Diplomats Foreign Diplomats Can Con
Monami - (Indica) Band Website @FDiplomats
39 Rich Aucoin Rich Aucoin Can Con
Release - (Haven) Band Website @richaucoin
40  LAPS LAPS Can Con
Soon Not Often In It - (Terrific Kids) Band Website
41  Doomsquad Doomsquad Can Con
Let Yourself Be Seen - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @elDoomSquad
42  Hollerado Hollerado Can Con
Retaliation Vacation - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @hollerado
43  Pale Lips Pale Lips Can Con
After Dark - (God's Candy / Spaghetty Town) Band Website @palelipsband
44  Men I Trust Men I Trust Can Con
Oncle Jazz - (Self-Released) Band Website @menitrust
45  Common Holly Common Holly Can Con
When I Say to You Black Lightning - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @common_holly

Weeks at no.1: Dec 10, 2019 |

46 Tanika Charles Tanika Charles Can Con
The Gumption - (Record Kicks)

47  Bridal Party Bridal Party Can Con
Too Much - (Kingfisher Bluez) Band Website
48 Emilie Kahn Emilie Kahn Can Con
Outro - (Secret City)

49 The Shiverettes The Shiverettes Can Con
Real Shrill Bitches - (Self-Released) Band Website @TheShiverettes
50  Fly Pan Am Fly Pan Am Can Con
C�est �a - (Constellation)
51  Kiwi Jr. Kiwi Jr. Can Con
Football Money - (Mint)

Mohawk - (Latent) Band Website @leeharveyosmond
53  Fet.Nat Fet.Nat Can Con
Le Mal - (Boiled) Band Website
54 Angel Olsen Angel Olsen
All Mirrors - (Jagjaguwar) Band Website @AngelOlsen
55 Matt Andersen Matt Andersen Can Con
Halfway Home By Morning - (True North) Band Website @matt_andersen
56  Mr. Merlot Mr. Merlot Can Con
City Sex Vol. 2 - (Self-Released)

57  Lightning Dust Lightning Dust Can Con
Spectre - (Western Vinyl) Band Website @Lightningdusty
58 Cate Le Bon Cate Le Bon
Reward - (Mexican Summer) Band Website @CateLeBon
59 Haviah Mighty Haviah Mighty Can Con
13th Floor - (Self-Released) Band Website @haviahmighty
60  WHOOP-Szo WHOOP-Szo Can Con
Warrior Down - (You've Changed) Band Website @WHOOPszo
61  Fucked Up Fucked Up Can Con
Dose Your Dreams - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @FUCKEDUP

Weeks at no.1: Dec 4, 2018 | Nov 20, 2018 | Nov 13, 2018 | Nov 6, 2018 | Oct 23, 2018 |

62 The Dead South The Dead South Can Con
Sugar and Joy - (Six Shooter Records) Band Website @TheDeadSouth4
63 The Black Keys The Black Keys
Let�s Rock - (Easy Eye Sound/Nonesuch) Band Website @theblackkeys
64  Walrus Walrus Can Con
Cool to Who - (Outside Music) Band Website @Walrustheband
65 Abigail Lapell Abigail Lapell Can Con
Getaway - (Coax) Band Website @AbigailLapell
66 Tim Baker Tim Baker Can Con
Forever Overhead - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @heytimbaker
67  Rheostatics Rheostatics Can Con
Here Come The Wolves - (Six Shooter)

68  Corridor Corridor Can Con
Junior - (Bonsound)
69  Apollo Suns Apollo Suns Can Con
Dawn Offerings - (Self-Released) Band Website @Apollo_Suns
70  Mother Mother Mother Mother Can Con
Dance and Cry - (Universal) Band Website @mothermother
71 The Souljazz Orchestra The Souljazz Orchestra Can Con
Chaos Theories - (Do Right!) Band Website @souljazzorch
72  Woolworm Woolworm Can Con
Awe - (Mint) Band Website @creatureovmyth

Weeks at no.1: Jan 28, 2020 | Jan 21, 2020 | Jan 14, 2020 | Jan 7, 2020 | Dec 17, 2019 |

73 Jay Som Jay Som
Anak Ko - (Polyvinyl) Band Website @jaysomband
74  N0v3l N0v3l Can Con
Novel - (Flemish Eye) Band Website
75  Bart Bart Can Con
Today, Tomorrow, & the Next Day - (Idee Fixe)

76  Bon Iver Bon Iver
i,i - (Jagjaguwar) Band Website @boniver
77  Big Thief Big Thief
U.F.O.F. - (4AD) Band Website @bigthiefmusic
78  Trampoline Trampoline Can Con
Happy Crimes - (Self-Released) Band Website
79  Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
Father of the Bride - (Columbia) Band Website @vampireweekend
80  (Sandy) Alex G (Sandy) Alex G
House Of Sugar - (Domino) Band Website @SANDYalexg
81  Jock Tears Jock Tears Can Con
Bad Boys - (Inky) Band Website @jocktears
82  n�hiyawak n�hiyawak Can Con
Nipiy - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @nehiyawakband
83  Saxsyndrum Saxsyndrum Can Con
Second Nature - (so sorry records) Band Website @Saxsyndrum
84 Charles Bradley Charles Bradley
Black Velvet - (Daptone) Band Website @charles_bradley
85  Leaf Rapids Leaf Rapids Can Con
Citizen Alien - (Coax) Band Website @leafrapidsmusic
86  Toro Y Moi Toro Y Moi
Outer Peace - (Carpark) Band Website @ToroyMoi
87  Bodywash Bodywash Can Con
Comforter - (Luminelle) Band Website @bodywashmtl
88  Munya Munya Can Con
Munya - (Luminelle)

89  Metric Metric Can Con
Art of Doubt - (Crystal Math Music) Band Website @Metric
90  Oh Sees Oh Sees
Face Stabber - (Castle Face)

91  TR/ST TR/ST Can Con
The Destroyer - 1 - (Royal Mountain) Band Website @TR_ST
92  Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene Can Con
Let's Try The After Vol 1 & 2 - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @bssmusic
93  Red Mass Red Mass Can Con
Kilrush Drive - (No Coast) Band Website
94  Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene Can Con
Let's Try the After (Vol. 1) - (Arts & Crafts) Band Website @bssmusic
95  Joni Void Joni Void Can Con
Mise En Abyme - (Constellation) Band Website @joni_void
96  Flying Lotus Flying Lotus
Flamagra - (Warp) Band Website @FlyingLotus
97  Sum-01 Sum-01 Can Con
The Comeback Queen - (Break North) Band Website @forestcityqueen
98 Mavis Staples Mavis Staples
We Get By - (Anti-) Band Website @mavisstaples
99  Jom Comyn Jom Comyn Can Con
Crawl - (Self-Released)

100  Absolutely Free Absolutely Free Can Con
Geneva Freeport EP - (id�e fixe records)

101  Blue Hawaii Blue Hawaii Can Con
Open Reduction Internal Fixation - (Arbutus) Band Website @trubluhawaii
102  Girlpool Girlpool
What Chaos Is Imaginary - (Anti-) Band Website @girlpool
103 Brittany Howard Brittany Howard
Jaime - (ATO)

104  Radiant Baby Radiant Baby Can Con
Restless - (Lisbon Lux)

105  Partner Partner Can Con
Saturday the 14th - (You've Changed) Band Website @partner_band
106 Belle Plaine Belle Plaine Can Con
Malice, Mercy, Grief & Wrath - (Self-Released) Band Website @Belle_Plaine
Fongola - (Royal Mountain)
108  Deerhunter Deerhunter
Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? - (4AD) Band Website @DeerhunterMusic
109  King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Fishing for Fishies - (Flightless)
110  Only A Visitor Only A Visitor Can Con
Technicolour Education - (Self-Released)

111  Operators Operators Can Con
Radiant Dawn - (Last Gang) Band Website @operators_band
112 Lydia Ainsworth Lydia Ainsworth Can Con
Phantom Forest - (Self-Released)
Dri Hiev - (Self-Released) Band Website
Deceiver - (Captured Tracks)

115  Sneaks Sneaks
Highway Hypnosis - (Merge) Band Website
116 Jeremie Albino Jeremie Albino Can Con
Hard Time - (Sleepless) Band Website
117 Colin Fowlie Colin Fowlie Can Con
Party Music - (Self-Released) Band Website @ColinFowlieNB
118 The Electric Cows The Electric Cows Can Con
Wheatfield Fuzz - (Dub Ditch Picnic)

119  Blood Orange Blood Orange
Angel's Pulse - (Domino) Band Website
120  Little Simz Little Simz
Grey Area - (AGE 101) Band Website @LittleSimz
121 Jamila Woods Jamila Woods
LEGACY! LEGACY! - (Jagjaguwar) Band Website @duhmilo
122 The Raconteurs The Raconteurs
Help Us Stranger - (Third Man Records)

123  Crones Crones Can Con
Aghast - (Good Egg Records)

124 Patrick Watson Patrick Watson Can Con
Wave - (Secret City) Band Website @patrickwatson
125  Swim Team Swim Team Can Con
V - (Self-Released)

126  Dilly Dally Dilly Dally Can Con
Heaven - (Dine Alone) Band Website @DillyDallyTO

Weeks at no.1: Dec 11, 2018 | Oct 30, 2018 | Oct 9, 2018 | Oct 2, 2018 |

127  Old Man Luedecke Old Man Luedecke
Easy Money - (True North) Band Website @OldManLuedecke
128 The Claypool Lennon Delirium The Claypool Lennon Delirium
South of Reality - (ATO)

129 The Small Glories The Small Glories Can Con
Assiniboine & The Red - (Compass/Red House) Band Website @thesmallglories
130 Harpdog Brown Harpdog Brown Can Con
For Love & Money - (Dog House Records) Band Website @HarpdogBrown
131  Ian & Sylvia Ian & Sylvia Can Con
The Lost Tapes - (Stony Plain)

132  Snotty Nose Rez Kids Snotty Nose Rez Kids Can Con
Trapline - (Minay Music) Band Website @TheRezKids
133  Devours Devours Can Con
Iconoclast - (Artoffact)

134  Man Candy Man Candy Can Con
Model Boyfriend - (Transistor 66)

135  Black Belt Eagle Scout Black Belt Eagle Scout
At The Party With My Brown Friends - (Saddle Creek)

136  Amyl and the Sniffers Amyl and the Sniffers
Amyl and the Sniffers - (ATO) Band Website
137 Jenny Hval Jenny Hval
The Practice of Love - (Sacred Bones)

138 Kristin Witko Kristin Witko Can Con
Zone Of Exclusion - (Kingfisher Bluez) Band Website
139  Heart Attack Kids Heart Attack Kids Can Con
Bad Luck Like Gold - (New Damage) Band Website @heartattackkids
140 Amy Nelson (AB) Amy Nelson (AB) Can Con
Educated Woman - (Self-Released) Band Website
141  Twist Twist Can Con
Distancing - (Buzz) Band Website @lolotwisty
142 Stella Donnelly Stella Donnelly
Beware Of The Dogs - (Secretly Canadian)

143 Nilufer Yanya Nilufer Yanya
Miss Universe - (ATO)

144 Zachary Lucky Zachary Lucky Can Con
Midwestern - (Self-Released) Band Website @zacharylucky
145  Land Of Kush Land Of Kush Can Con
Sand Enigma - (Constellation)

146 Hawksley Workman Hawksley Workman Can Con
Median Age Wasteland - (Six Shooter)

147  Tunic Tunic Can Con
Complexion - (Self Sabotage) Band Website @tunicband
148 Julia Jacklin Julia Jacklin
Crushing - (Liberation) Band Website @JuliaJacklin
149  Look Vibrant Look Vibrant Can Con
Cherish Everything - (Self-Released) Band Website
150  Tokyo Police Club Tokyo Police Club Can Con
Tokyo Police Club - (Dine Alone) Band Website @TokyoPoliceClub
151  Art d'Ecco Art d'Ecco Can Con
Trespasser - (Paper Bag)

152  Fever Feel Fever Feel Can Con
Fever Feel - (Self-Released) Band Website
153  Bloodshot Bill Bloodshot Bill Can Con
Come Get Your Love Right Now - (Goner Records) Band Website @BillyBloodshot
154  Northern Haze Northern Haze
Siqinnaarut - (Aakuluk)

155  Lizzo Lizzo
Cuz I Love You - (Atlantic)
156 Jonah Yano Jonah Yano Can Con
nervous ep - (Innovative Leisure)

157 Jenn Grant Jenn Grant Can Con
Love, Inevitable - (Leovela) Band Website @jenngrantmusic
158  PKEW PKEW PKEW (Gunshots) PKEW PKEW PKEW (Gunshots) Can Con
Optimal Lifestyles - (Dine Alone)

159  Single Mothers Single Mothers Can Con
Through A Wall - (Dine Alone) Band Website @snglmthrsgang
160 Julia Holter Julia Holter
Aviary - (Domino) Band Website @JULIA_HOLTER
161 Sarah Pag� Sarah Pag� Can Con
Dose Curves - (Backwards Music) Band Website
162  Frankie Cosmos Frankie Cosmos
Close It Quietly - (Sub Pop)

163 Georgia Anne Muldrow Georgia Anne Muldrow
Overload - (Brainfeeder) Band Website @JAHJAHMULDROW
164  Blue Moon Marquee Blue Moon Marquee
Bare Knuckles & Brawn - (Self-Released) Band Website @bluemoonmarquee
165  Various Various Can Con
Cover Art - (Calgary Folk Music Festival)

166 Sandro Perri Sandro Perri Can Con
Soft Landing - (Constellation) Band Website
167 Aldous Harding Aldous Harding
Designer - (4AD)

new breed - (Local Action)
169 Lee Fields & The Expressions Lee Fields & The Expressions
It Rains Love - (Big Crown) Band Website
170  Siskiyou Siskiyou Can Con
Not Somewhere - (Constellation) Band Website @Siskiyouband
171 Paige Drobot Paige Drobot Can Con
Zero Thought - (Transistor 66) Band Website
172  Blocktreat Blocktreat Can Con
After Dark - (Self-Released) Band Website
173  Winona Forever Winona Forever Can Con
FeelGood - (Self-Released)

174 Andrew Bird Andrew Bird
My Finest Work Yet - (Loma Vista) Band Website @andrewbird
175 The High Dials The High Dials Can Con
Foreverish - (Self-Released) Band Website
176  Smaller Hearts Smaller Hearts Can Con
Honestly - (Self-Released) Band Website @smallerhearts
177 Rae Spoon Rae Spoon Can Con
bodiesofwater - (Coax) Band Website @raespoon

Weeks at no.1: Oct 16, 2018 |

178  Lal Lal Can Con
Dark Beings - (Coax) Band Website @lalforest
179  Crumb Crumb
Jinx - (Self-Released)

180  Ivory Towers Ivory Towers Can Con
Queller - (Self-Released) Band Website @IvoryTowersss
181 Jordan Rakei Jordan Rakei
Origin - (Ninja Tune)

182 Skye Wallace Skye Wallace Can Con
Skye Wallace - (Self-Released) Band Website @skyewallace
183  Mannequin Pussy Mannequin Pussy
Patience - (Epitaph)

184  Sudan Archives Sudan Archives
Athena - (Stones Throw)

185  Big Thief Big Thief
Two hands - (4AD) Band Website @bigthiefmusic
186  Injury Reserve Injury Reserve
Injury Reserve - (Self-Released)

187 Curtis Nowosad Curtis Nowosad Can Con
Curtis Nowosad - (Self-Released) Band Website @CurtisNowosad
188  Kacy & Clayton Kacy & Clayton Can Con
Carrying On - (New West) Band Website @kacyandclayton
189  Mount Eerie Mount Eerie
Lost Wisdom Pt. 2 - (P.W. Elverum & Sun) Band Website
190 Big Dave McLean Big Dave McLean Can Con
Pocket Full Of Nothin' - (Black Hen)

191 H�l�ne Barbier H�l�ne Barbier Can Con
Have You Met Elliott? - (Michel)

192  Altameda Altameda
Time Hasn't Changed You - (Pheromone) Band Website @altameda780
193  JayWood JayWood Can Con
Time - (Self-Released)

194 Jeff Tweedy Jeff Tweedy
Warm - (dBpm) Band Website @JeffTweedy
195  Tegan And Sara Tegan And Sara Can Con
Hey, I'm Just Like You - (Sire) Band Website @teganandsara
196  METZ METZ Can Con
Automat - (Sub Pop) Band Website @METZtheband
197  Wild/Kind Wild/Kind Can Con
West Ends - (Safety Bear) Band Website
198 Mdou Moctar Mdou Moctar
Ilana: The Creator - (Sahel Sounds)

199  Snake River Snake River Can Con
Tread On To The Seaside - (Self-Released) Band Website @snakeriverband
200  Bridget and Dahlia Bridget and Dahlia Can Con
Runaways - (Self-Released) Band Website