The National Jazz Top 20 of 2020

1 Audrey Ochoa Audrey Ochoa Can Con
Frankenhorn - (Chronograph) Band Website @audreyochoa |

A classically trained trombonist, jazz composer-arranger-bandleader, and music teacher, Audrey Ochoa is making waves in Canada and beyond. In 2019 she won the Edmonton Music Prize, and this fall, Best Jazz Artist at the Western Canada Music Awards 2020. She was to play at the world’s largest international jazz gathering, the 2020 jazzahead! festival in Bremen, Germany, but it was cancelled this year because of the pandemic. 

Ochoa, a professional musician for almost 15 years, grew up in a music-loving family. Her father, celebrated trumpet-player Romeo Ochoa, played in the Manila Symphony Orchestra before coming to Canada in 1965, and then with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Her sister, Allison, is an accomplished saxophonist and her mother. Phyllis, plays the accordion.  

Frankenhorn, Ochoa’s third album, is lush, playful, and melodic. It features the musical talents of Chris Andrew (piano/keyboards), Sandro Dominelli (drums), Mike Lent (bass), Luis Tovar (congas), Raul Tabera (percussion), Rubim de Toledo (bass), Kate Svrcek (violin), Shannon Johnson (violin), Ian Woodman (cello), and special guest, Victoria DJ Battery Poacher.

By Sean Warkentine


Jeff Parker Jeff Parker
Suite for Max Brown - (International Anthem / Nonesuch) Band Website @jeffparkersound


Gil Scott-Heron & Makaya McCraven Gil Scott-Heron & Makaya McCraven
We're New Again : A Reimagining by Makaya McCraven - (XL Recordings)



Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience
To Know Without Knowing - (Agogo)


 Local Talent Local Talent Can Con
Higienopolis - (Self-Released)


Emie R. Roussel Trio Emie R. Roussel Trio Can Con
Rythme De Passage - (Self-Released) Band Website @Emierr_Trio


Aimee-Jo Benoit with Trio Velocity Aimee-Jo Benoit with Trio Velocity Can Con
Borjorner - (Self-Released) Band Website @aimeejobenoit


David Lavoie Quartet David Lavoie Quartet Can Con
Juno - (Inner Ocean) Band Website


Nick Fraser , Chris Davis & Tony Malaby Nick Fraser , Chris Davis & Tony Malaby Can Con
Zoning - (Astral Spirits)


 Peripheral Vision Peripheral Vision Can Con
Irrational Revelation & Mutual Humiliation - (Self-Released) Band Website @peripheralmusic


Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge
Jazz is Dead - (Jazz Is Dead)


Robert Lee Robert Lee Can Con
Ascension - (Self-Released) Band Website


 Shabaka and the Ancestors Shabaka and the Ancestors
We Are Sent Here By History - (Impulse!) Band Website @SH_Ancestors


 Soil & 'Pimp' Sessions Soil & 'Pimp' Sessions
Man Steals the Stars - (Victor) Band Website @SOILPIMP_JP


The Shuffle Demons The Shuffle Demons Can Con
Crazy Time - (Stubby) Band Website @ShuffleDemons


Nubya Garcia Nubya Garcia
Source - (Concord) Band Website @nubya_garcia


Ernesto Cervini Ernesto Cervini Can Con
Tetrahedron - (Anzic)


Sophia Smith Quartet Sophia Smith Quartet Can Con
Elevation - (Self-Released) Band Website @SophiaSmithSax


Mark Godfrey Quintet Mark Godfrey Quintet Can Con
Square Peg - (Self-Released) Band Website @markgodfreybass


 Butcher Brown Butcher Brown
#KingButch - (Concord) Band Website @butcherBRWN