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Hugo Wolf Quartet

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Monica Chapman

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Alexis Baro & Pueblo Nuevo Jazz Project

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Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings

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Andrew Collins Trio

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Drive-By Truckers

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Parker Abbott Trio

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Petunia & The Vipers

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Ana Alcaide

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Brandi Disterheft

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June Garber

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Pale Eyes

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Kym Brown

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Intereceiving Interceiving Self-Released
Various Symbiosis Gathering 2009 Muti Music
King Britt Intricate Beauty Nervous
Georg Levin Everything Must Change BBE
DJ T Fabric 51 Fabric
Various Balance 016 mixed by Agoria EQ
Jahcoozi Barefoot Wanderer Bpitch Control
The Pack A.D.  Canadian Content We Kill Computers Mint
Adam Thomas and the Mike Allen Quartet  Canadian Content For My Love Pumpkin Pie Music
The Joys  Canadian Content Adventures In... Self-Released
The Stance  Canadian Content I Left Love Behind A Long Time Ago Just Friends
The Fugitives  Canadian Content Eccentrically We Love Self-Released
Parallels  Canadian Content Visionaries Marigold Productions
Tara Holloway  Canadian Content Sins To Confess Waystation
Laura Merrimen  Canadian Content Love Letters For Lonely Hunters Self-Released
White Hinterland Kairos Dead Oceans
Sex With Strangers  Canadian Content The Tokyo Steel Boutique Empire
The John Henrys  Canadian Content White Linen 9LB
Fol Chen Part II: The New December Asthmatic Kitty
Kobra And The Lotus  Canadian Content Out of the Pit Self-Released
Evil Survives  Canadian Content Powerkiller War On Music
The Tallest Man On Earth The Wild Hunt Dead Oceans
The Telepathic Butterflies  Canadian Content Wow And Flutter Rainbow Quartz
Children Of Celebrities  Canadian Content Stereo Bang Bang Self-Released
The Gaslight Anthem American Slang SideOneDummy

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