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The Best of 2012 by Clash Contrast

Key Contrast

Key Contrast feat. Clash
CHMR 93.5 FM
St. John's, NF

2012 in Review

!earshot's Top 200 of 2012
Grimes tops out the Top 200 of 2012 as the most played album on campus / community radio across Canada with her stellar break out, Visions. Japandroids are another band that broke big this year landing Celebration Rock in the number 2 spot on the Top 200 of 2012. And Metric had another strong year finishingat number 3.

Best of 2012

We have asked some of our regular writers to share some of their favourite releases of the year.

Amil Delic !earshot writer and host of The Show TO and Director's Cut
Jim Dupuis !earshot writer and host of Jazz Notes
Clash Contrast !earshot reviewer and host of Key Contast feat. Clash
Scott Wood !earshot writer and host of the interview show
Shelley Gummeson!earshot writer and host of Jazz on the Rocks

The Best of 2012

Best Concert 2012

Death From Above 1979 (Sundance)

Best Festival 2012
Salmon Festival (Grand-Falls Windsor)

Best of 2012

Bonobo - Black Sands Remixed / Ninja Tune      
BonoboNinja Tune electronica and break beat remixes from Black Sands (release from 2010). Four different versions of Eyesdown with composer Simon Green and vox. from Andreya Triani. Ambient and cinematic effects inherent in every track. Nothing quite like the two Green additions (2012) to the original 2010 album track list. Beautiful value-filled musical experience.

Skrillex - Bangarang / Atlantic
A hit song. An unbelievably catchy tune. A banger. These songs are catchy hits, and therein, bangers. They are dense material covering the gamut of hit, catchy, banger, basic dance electronica. enjoyable grinds, rolls, rises, and sampledelica. Seven tracks. According the online dictionary of urban slang (, it also refers to:
1. Battle cry of the Lost Boys in the movie Hook.
2. Jamaican slang defined as a hubbub, uproar, disorder, or disturbance.
3. General exclamation meant to signify approval or amazement.
This album is bangarang. A terrific extended play that moves the dance floor or the day's excess. Loud, brash and intense. Sonny Moore's (former post-hardcore vocalist) fourth consecutive EP, now dub step producer.

Cat Power - Sun / Matador               
A beautiful album. New and original material displaying her vocal prowess. An accomplished and terrific direction for Cat Power's lyrical content, and emotive use of electronic sound. Very listenable, and exciting.

Wax Tailor - Dusty Rainbow from the Dark / Lab'Oratoire
A follow-through of trip-hop beats, vox. and sampledelica. Good fun, and a 2012 retrospective of by-gone sounds. Quality listening pleasure. Raps, melody, breaks. All-around righteousness.

Trust - Trst / Arts and Crafts
A Canadian release. Full-length electronic foray into synthesized electronica and dark wave. Slow and assured, it takes its time. It is worth the quiet listen, or the full-blown. Quite an astonishing release. Sombre and fulfilled. Danceable and inviting to the experienced ear.

Dub Pistols - Worshipping the Dollar / Sunday Best Recordings
A various artists must to listen to today, from track one to track eleven. Grimy raps on most tracks entice and move. Beats are reggae and skank, and fully delightful!

Polica - Give me the Ghost / Totally Gross National Product
Mesmerizing lyrics and vocals. Momentous and scintillating. Fills the darkest caverns of kinetic winter and blooms still in the auric spring.

Kid Koala - 12 Bit Blues / Ninja Tune
Surprise! Happy 2012!

A Tribe Called Red - A Tribe Called Red / Self-Released
A Canadian release. The local dream. Well-thought and planned, and long-awaited. Personal and dynamic. A trod in the red! The DJ's are Aboriginal Canadian, and combine PowWow music with electronic dance beats. Download your copy of the album at: and New Trapline EP available for download immediately! They are making waves across North-America.

Shigeto -Lineage / Ghostly International
Defined and intent. Deliberate and calculated. Zach Saginaw's experimental, IDM and abstract hip hop are a captivating and geometric listen. Appreciative work on electronic sound and composition.


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