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Cover Art

Surface Of Eceyon ( )

Strange Attractors Audio House ( )
Being a fan of experimental guitars and dream rock music I was more then anxious to listen to this new release. I go to the Surface of Eceyon Website to find some info and these are the first words I read: "WELCOME into pure Vessyl sound. We are the inhabitants of Eceyon, the 2nd tier of the outer plane of Dryystn; a realm where time, energy, and color blur into a beautiful landscape of sound and action. Adam Forkner came to us from Yume Bitsu, Dick Baldwin, Daron Gardner, and Aaron Snow came to us from Landing, and Phil Jenkins came to us from outer space." Not only is this project a perfect example of what it is like to be a true "free-rock" band but they tie in their improvisations, free-spirit attitude, fuzz and noise into fantasy, legend and fairy tales!!! (Usually I have heard of this type of stuff from bands like Hawkwind and other Eurpean Metal bands but nothing that allows me to look at winter trees when I am driving along in the country at night-time. nothing that sounds quite like this....) To say the least I love this CD. The players, as the bands they are from are fantastic! They have formed the perfect band to play alongside with stuff like Subarachnoid Space, Fly Pan Am, Her Space Holiday, Duster and Flying Saucer Attack. The guitars are amazing, the beats are driving and the space noises are floaty and very psychedelic. Their tracks are telling legends and stories where the limitations of where one can go exists only in one's mind. A CD that deserves many repeated listens.

By anne sulikowski
Aug 16, 2003

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