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Cover Art

Holy Fuck ( @holyfuck )

Holy Fuck
Dependent Music ( )
Holy Fuck, It's the SK! Is the newest solo release by Brian Borcherdt. Brian has been active in the music scene since the early ninties, starting his own record label "dependent music " when he was only 17 in 1994. Since then, he has written and recorded countless of songs with the Trephines, Chiselhand and By Divine Right. Holy Fuck is a collection of improvised recordings performed live on two track. It is definitely an electronic release however it contains no computers, midi, samplers, sequencers or drum machines. The beats and samples are provided by Casio SK's and other garage sale keyboards. The scratches on the CD are done with a 35 mm film synchronizer which is a piece of film editing equipment that to the best of my knowledge has never been used as a musical instrument. All textures, bleeps and pulsing drones are made with guitar effect pedals. It's a wonderful collection of raw, rich sounds. The CD as a whole is a challenging listen..... for those of you bombarded by dozens of bands and projects that all seem to sound like something else this will be a well deserved breath of fresh air. It covers a wide scope of experimental genres. The songs on this CD are random yet organized, going from scattered guitar pieces to noises and crashes as melody lines with weird beats that sounds like your standing 2 feet away from a construction site on peyote. The last two tracks on the release are more toned down, somewhat of a melodic peace offering for a perfect ending. Guitars, vocals and space noises whirl into your ears as a final goodbye. This release is a must for those who like to be captivated, intrigued and blown the fuck away. Three cheers for Brian Borcherdt as he has certainly proved his talents on this CD.

By anne sulikowski
Jul 5, 2003

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