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!earshot picks for 2007

Samuel Jaggernauth

Samuel Jaggernauth – Pirates of the Caribbean4-6p.m. PST on CJSF 90.1FM, Burnaby, B.C. This show consists of brand spanking new Soca and Dancehall from the various Caribbean islands including Canadian artists. Soca is my passion and I will defend it to the end! Huge huge huge big up to Natasha Andrews-Noel & Shawn “Da Ma$tamind” Noel - Ma$tamind Productions. Shout outs to Kasey Phillips & Nikholai Greene – Precision Productions; Also a huge shout out to Penn & Ace - Slu Records. Shout outs to all the Soca Producers worldwide; keep making great music.

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Dawg E Slaughter - Spread the Love – (Swizzle Stick Ent)
Big tuneee right here “Soca in meh vein, Soca in meh blood!!!!” My favourite tune for 2007. The roadmix is insane:

Rikki JaiNo hablo Espanol – (Ma$tamind Productions)
Awesome tune! Awesome production with a reggaeton flavour. My anthem for all the beautiful Spanish ladies:;

Barry Chandler ft. Destra Garcia Flames Remix – (None)
Awesome remix and well as the added bonus, Destra Garcia

Destra GarciaI dare you – (Krazi Music Records)
My favourite Soca artist J

Machel Montano HD Higher than High – (Ruf Rex Productions LTD. / Xtatik LTD.)
Awesome tune! Awesome lyrics! This was my pick for 2007 Roadmarch in Trinidad & Tobago

Shurwayne Winchester Alequa – (Ma$tamind Productions)
Geez and ages…

Shurwayne WinchesterOpen the Gate – (Ma$tamind Productions)
Opennn ittt!!!! Like ah caged beast ready for the gate to open to fete!

Naya George ft. Destra GarciaLas’ Lap – (Krazi Music Records)
This tune sounded a bit recycled from Roadblock Copper but nevertheless still wicked.

Rikki JaiLas’ Band – (Ma$tamind Productions)
D Soca in meh vein, Soca in meh blood!!!! las band comin… time for we to jump up…. Rikki Jai came correct for 2007

Postman Hornin’ Carnival – (Ma$tamind Productions)
Apparently a lot of people can relate to this tune… haha.. Big tune!

Third Bass ft. Bunji GarlinTake it Out – (Ma$tamind Productions)
Juss tekk it out nah man…. Is all about rags & flags!
Ricky TPressure Boom – (Slu Records)
The 2007 Roadmarch winner of St. Lucia… my pressha mad mad mad… This tune has exploded onto the scene all over the Caribbean

Mr. DaleSoca Junkie – (None)
Awesome tune because I myself am a Soca Junkie. This tune won the Roadmarch title of Barbados for 2007

Biggie Irie ft. Maximus DanNah going home Remix – (None)
Wicked remix. One of those tunes that you tend to sing when you don’t want to go home after a fete

Soca Banton Traffik– (Precision Productions)
Big tune! It was my pick for Grenada 2007 Roadmarch title.

Soca Banton This is D Band – (Precision Productions)
Wicked tune right here for all masqueraders.

Blazer Be mine – (None)
One of my favourite groovy Soca tunes for 2007. The chutney remix featuring Drupatee is insane….

Zoelah Fly Away – (None)
Makes you feel to do exactly what the title says

Zoelah Go down low – (None)
Awesome groovy Soca tune from St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Destra Garcia Sign – (Krazi Music Records)
Nice tune again from Destra

Keegan Taylor Tease Me – (Precision Productions)
Another awesome groovy Soca with a reggaeton flavour

TizzyExpose – (L. A Music)
Wickedddd tune…. The roadmix is duttyyyy. Is all about your national pride & colours!

Miss Alysha & H20 PhloGo down low – (Precision Productions)
Wicked sample

Patrice Roberts Sugar Boy – (None)
Another favourite groovy Soca tune of mine for 2007

Patrice Roberts Wukkin Up – (None)
Awesome tune.

Patrice Roberts & ZanTil’ Tomorrow – (Precision Productions)
Groovy Soca was real big this year

Farmer Nappy Chippin’ – (None)
Great tune from Farmer as he launched his solo career. This tune is at present the number one Soca tune in Trinidad and will carry on to 2008

Farmer Nappy Doh Move - (Slu Records)
Wicked tune again! Wicked riddim from Slu Records

Simple DreadGrandpa Cocoa – (Ma$tamind Productions)
Got to be the most hilarious Soca tune of the year

Big Artist Crew Get Together – (Precision Productions)
Awesome tune… lyrics. Stop all the fuss & Shurwayne Winchester
Shurwayne Winchester
fight and lewee get together nah man

Machel Montano HD One more time – (Ruf Rex Productions LTD. / Xtatik LTD.)
Geez and ages…

Machel Montano HDJumbie – (Ruf Rex Productions LTD. / Xtatik LTD.)
The 2007 Roadmarch tune of Trinidad & Tobago that had the most hype from everyone that I spoke too. I was not that hyped on it until I saw the performance of the tune… The Roadmix…. Geeezz and ages

Olatunji Yearwood Get Wild – (None)
Wicked tune that I feel was underrated

Machel Montano HDWe will live – (Ruf Rex Productions LTD. / Xtatik LTD.)
Awesome message in the tune….

Mista Vybe Life – (None)
Another tune with an awesome message. This tune is actually for 2008 but I just had to mention it since it was released late 2007.

Iwer George Fete after Fete – (None)
The International Groovy Soca winner of Trinidad & Tobago

Benjai Moving yuh – (None)
This tune is for all the people who come to a dance and does go to prop up the wall with their arms folded

Berbice Traffic – (None)
The 2007 Roadmarch tune of Grenada. It wasn’t my pick but it’s still a nice tune

Destra GarciaSoca or Die – (Krazi Music Records)
My favourite Soca artist. Loved the name of the tune but somehow the lyrics in my opinion wasn’t all that.

Maffie Home Sweet Home – (None)
Awesome tune that many foreigners can relate too. Big up the Vancouver/ St. Vincentian talent

MaffieSafe Text – (None)
Remember to practise Safe Text in this technological age… lol...


Olatunji Yearwood Get Wild – (None)
Awesome tune which I think should have gotten more airtime.

Mr. SlaughterSpread the Love - (Swizzle Stick Ent)
This tune is just an anthem.  The lyrics are underrated.


Machel Montano HDJumbie - (Ruf Rex Productions LTD. / Xtatik LTD.)
Although I grew to like this tune after seeing the performance, I still think it is way overrated


MaffieHome Sweet Home – (None)
A tune for all the homesick people of the Caribbean

Maffie Safe Texts – (None)
Remember to practise Safe Texts. This tune is like Calypso lyrics meet Soca. The artist is originally from St. Vincent & the Grenadines but he resides in Vancouver Canada.


I would have to say this would be when I interviewed the legendary producer, Shawn Da Ma$tamind Noel, his wife Natasha Andrews Noel and all the numerous artists that they have worked with.;


Anything from Destra Garcia, Maximus Dan, Rikki Jai. There are also a tonne of tunes that have been released already for the upcoming 2008 Carnival season in Trinidad & Tobago. I don’t want to mention them because then this wouldn’t be my list for 2007; it would be a list for 2007 & 2008.  You got to look out for the write up next year same time.  Be sure to check out the new Caribbean Christmas album in stores now, A Ma$tamind Christmas II and the upcoming 2008 Soca album, Da Ma$tamind Project III.  For more info and reservations email: Take care for now; on behalf of NastyJag Productions I would like to wish all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year and may you see productive goals in the future.;

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