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Andrew Franey

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The Shangs

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Alex Cuba

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Tri Nguyen

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Defend The Rhino

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Kiwi Jr.

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Black Suit Devil

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Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

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The Pack A.D.

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Chad VanGaalen

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Potengowski Anna Friederike

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Todd Rundgren

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Old 97's

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Untimely Demise  Canadian Content City of Steel Sonic Unyon
Various  Canadian Content Out of Ottawa 613
Anita Eccleston Trio  Canadian Content Jazz Self-Released
Kevin Dean Quartet  Canadian Content A Message From The Dean Cellar Live
David Myles  Canadian Content Into The Sun Little Tiny
The Bare Minimum  Canadian Content The Bare Minimum Self-Released
Obey The Fist  Canadian Content Epidemic Of Reason Self-Released
Back Pocket  Canadian Content Overdue Self-Released
Kill The Autocrat  Canadian Content New World Disorder 682
The Paint Movement  Canadian Content The Paint Movement Nevado
The Sweet Lowdown  Canadian Content The Sweet Lowdown Self-Released
Wagon Cookin’ Eleven Om
Dennis Jr. Elektro Donkey Beat Service
Darkness Falls Alive In Us HFN Music
Lord Bubba's Nu Jazz  Canadian Content The Nu Standards Self-Released
Rat Silo  Canadian Content The Great Northern Way Self-Released
Chris Ronald  Canadian Content Turning Tides Self-Released
Young Galaxy  Canadian Content Versus Paper Bag
1977  Canadian Content So Is The Sea Self-Released
Glenn Chatten  Canadian Content Where You Need To Be Self-Released
Brocade  Canadian Content Like You Were Here Self-Released
The Perms  Canadian Content Sofia Nights Hugtight
Ox  Canadian Content Tuco Cosmic Dave's Record Factory
Kathryn Calder  Canadian Content Bright and Vivid File Under: Music (FU:M)
Yukon Blonde  Canadian Content Fire//Water Nevado

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